Project for transferring house/interior designs into virtual reality.

About the project.

When you put on a helmet that projects virtual images directly into your eyes, you suddenly feel like you’re somewhere else. It really is an experience. One way to use VR (virtual reality) is to convey an experience of a space that is only in the designs. The user finds themselves in the designed space as if they were there. He or she will simply see flaws that he or she cannot see on the screen or on paper.

For example, a friend of mine decided to build a sauna, created a 3D design, and then ordered the wood to build it. I put his sauna into virtual reality and put a helmet on him. He immediately realized where the space was small, that he couldn’t sit on the top floor, and that he couldn’t get past the stove.

I created an app for both the mobile app (you put your mobile into the VR goggles) and the HTC Vive professional VR headset, using which you can walk through your design. The project is currently in a demo state.

Video demo of the project:

Video footage of the passage through the interior of the apartment. On the big screen you see what the user sees in virtual reality. On the bottom right of the small screen, you can see the footage of the user who is in virtual reality. Both recordings are synchronized. The user is in a space where they can walk, measure, move objects, change the colors of objects. For virtual reality, we use HTC vive technology with very accurate motion sensing sensors. It’s an experience in which virtually anything can be simulated.

More about the project (czech only):

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