Video of the app prototype

I received a model of a Tesla car from the client, my goal was to create a prototype mobile app in Unity3D to work with further.

The app was to respond to the gyroscope

  • by tilting the mobile phone to change the view of the car
  • Tilting it down would move the camera up over the car
  • tilting to the left would move the camera to the left, allowing a side view of the car
  • When idle, the scene should return to the original front view and slowly turn off the lights.
  • In addition, the model should respond to finger rotation.

The result and the mentioned functionality can be seen in the attached video. Unfortunately the car model was complex and contained many polygons, the client did not supply me with a model with fewer polygons (low poly), therefore the rendering speed (FPS) is slightly lame, despite the optimizations I made. Originally it was only rendering 1 frame per second (= 1FPS). This was sufficient for the demo.