List of mini projects.

Find Numbers - Multilingual number learning for kids

A game to teach numbers, where the child is tasked with finding numbers in space. The game contains two modes, learning - numbers are searched in order and testing - randomly. The app is translated into 5 languages (English, German, Spanish, Czech and Slovak). Since this is a personal project and I didn’t want to invest in uploading the numbers, I coped by using the AI that google uses for reading in its translator, therefore the numbers sound more machine-like at times.

Deck of cards

The inspiration for the app was my desire to remember the cards one by one in a shuffled deck of cards. Nothing came of the memorization in the end, but this app remained. According to the statistics, it’s especially popular with Mexicans :-)

The game Element

Zen-like calm game. The result of the 48h marathon at the Brno University of Technology. Our team was two 3D graphic designers and two programmers. It was about RGB color mixing. The player’s task was to mix their colour correctly and get through the portals to the finish line. Since RGB mixing is a bit unintuitive it’s sometimes psycho to mix the right color.