A project for my dad to showcase his wooden sculptures. My dad is a carver and sometimes he wants to show what he has created. But carrying the sculptures around with him is both spatially and physically challenging. Well, it’s just not easy. So I created an app for him to show his sculptures wherever he wants. And he’ll always have them with him on his mobile phone.


A few words about the workflow

I photographed the sculptures from different angles and then used technical magic and a photogrammetry program to create 3D models of them. I uploaded the models into Unity3D. Programmed a few scripts (swapping statues, resize drag, rotate by touch) integrated the augmented reality SDK and the app was up and running. You can see the function of the app in the attached video.

For interest

This lion was then colored by Dominik Hašek and in 2014 it was auctioned in the auction HEART FOR CHILDREN.